Royce has previously spoken to audiences of 20 to several hundred. Her captivating messages empower women and encourage them to follow their passion, become leaders, and enjoy life.

Royce's favorite topics are leadership, communication, and women's empowerment. Group and private coaching is available. 

Workshops include:

*“Finding Gold” This workshop will help you recognize your value, develop a positive self-image, and build your confidence to find freedom in being YOU. YOU are more valuable than gold, and I want YOU to believe it.

*”Thrive: Moving From Adversity to Victory" This workshop is designed to help you tap your inner greatness and leave the victim mentality behind. YOU will discover how you can escape an “inherited future” and live in a “created future”

*”Freedom Trails” helps you tie it all together to establish healthy relationships, and experience the freedom to discover YOU. YOU may also find your trail to living a life of purpose and meaning. In this workshop we will look at your life through the eyes of a horse, giving YOU a different perspective to travel your FREEDOM TRAIL

Contact Royce to speaking to your group about:

  • Leadership
  • Teambuilding
  • Perspective
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Functional Relationships
  • Healthy Behavior Patterns