Financial Empowerment Through Shopping

Bajalia, changing the world while shopping the world. Simple tagline, right? But, what exactly is Bajalia? Debbie Farah, founder of Bajalia, believes that financially empowering women brings freedom. As a child Debbie watched women stay oppressed by not having access to their own money. She realized by the time she was a teenager that she didn’t want to choose that life. She pursued a career and empowered herself financially. Bajalia was birthed from Debbie’s personal experience. Now Debbie through a social enterprise business model, Bajalia, empowers women around the world by using fair trade, training, and community development to alleviate poverty, educates girls, and empowers artisans as they improve their lives.

Bajalia offers women advance payment, assistance to purchase equipment, and training to teach the women how to establish a sustainable income that will support their families long-term. One of the most important things Bajalia does to help these women grow their businesses to a sustainable level is provide marketing channels to share their stories. Debbie has effectively used her corporate training to partner with HSN, international governments, and Business Council for Peace to maximize the effectiveness of their work to provide assistance to the artisans to provide a sustainable living wage for their families.

Some of the causes that are impacted by Bajalia’s mission is human trafficking, community transformation, AIDS, and helping the disabled. A fair living wage, non-exploitive working conditions, and using eco-friendly products are focal points to be successful in the communities they enter. Bajalia is currently in over 15 countries.

The impact Debbie’s vision has made on women around the world would make me proud to be a part of her small, but mighty team. Empowering women is an integral part of maintaining a healthy community. Debbie’s vision is coming home; she is working to use the same business model to help women in our local community. If you’d like to be a part of this by partnering with Bajalia, please contact Debbie. Perhaps you’d just like to follow the artisans’ stories, follow Bajalia on social media.