Go forward…Re-energized

Losing your job, moving to a new community, or having your hours cut back can have a big impact on your life and your financial well-being.  Many people feel alone in their search, but they don’t have to.  For over 20 years, Christian HELP has been working in the community to connect people with jobs (over 97,000 and counting) and helping to prevent hunger through a full service food pantry that goes beyond the classic canned foods and cereal to stock fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some meat and dairy. Their pantry gave out over 1.4M pounds of food last year alone! As a former recipient, I can share that they provide prayer, a sincere desire to make you feel good, and a week’s worth of food for your family. You never feel like a second rate person while you are served at the pantry. I have seen people that have been asked if anyone has a birthday that week, and they are sent home with a cake to celebrate the birthday! How special is that?!

The other really cool (can I say cool?) program at Christian Help is Central Florida Jobs Initiative (CFJI). This program takes job seekers through 6 free (yes, free) classes to prepare and aid them in getting back to work. They teach how to write a resume and cover letter, interviewing skills, successful onboarding, and more. It’s truly amazing! I have had the pleasure of working near this program and being involved in several ways. It is truly a pleasure to share your enthusiasm and have gifted facilitators volunteer their time to come in and lead a class, perform a mock interview to benefit someone in getting back to work, and read the success stories.

If you, like many I have found in Central Florida, are not familiar with all the services Christian Help provides and the recognition they’ve received, you need to attend a “Come and See”. You will be impressed and wonder why you’ve never been involved.


Follow their page on facebook at http://facebook.com/ChristianHELP or Twitter at @Christian_HELP

Volunteer opportunities can be found at http://christianhelp.org