Gratitude: A Legacy for Lake County

The Leesburg Regional Medical Center Foundation, led by Executive Director Ted Williams, has seen many changes since 2009 when he accepted the position. The Leesburg Regional Medical Center (LRMC) began serving the community in 193 with 15 physicians and 25 support staff members. In their first year they served 2, 357 patients. Today they serve Lake, Sumter, and surrounding counties with the help of their 331 physicians and 1,790 support staff. In 2012 they cared for 52,000 patients. Their legacy continues to be a beacon in our community in many ways including as the largest single employer in Lake County. Ted has championed continued growth as the President of the Foundation and the Vice President of the Medical Center. Ted spends his day dedicated to his work. You may find him bringing a casserole to a sick friend over the weekend, checking on another before surgery at 7am, or reaching out to a colleague who lost a loved one late into the night. He doesn’t do these things because of his job description. He does this because of his heart. Ted’s heart quickly turns strangers into lifelong friends.

Ted states, “I once read that happiness is an attitude. We can choose to make ourselves happy and strong or to make ourselves miserable. The amount of work is the same.”

There are many milestones the Medical Center has been able to celebrate under Ted’s leadership and with the dedication of the medical and support staff. The 25 events each year that are done to raise funds for LRMC are highlights for the staff and the community because they understand that everyone at some time will need medical care. Their participation allows those without the means to pay to receive treatment. The largest event, “Go for the Green” Golf Classic, has been their signature event for the last 17 years. It is hosted at the beautiful Mission Inn each September. Whether you are a constituent that comes to golf or an entrepreneur that supports the event through sponsorship and enjoys the opportunity to network, it is a highlight event for everyone. The day encompasses friendly competition, relaxation, networking, a wonderful lunch, and usually beautiful weather.

The Ladies in Philanthropy are an integral part of the Leesburg Regional Medical Center Foundation as well. This is a group of community minded women who want to change and save lives by collaborating with other women leaders. The Ladies in Philanthropy wish to empower others to fulfill their philanthropic potential by understanding the healthcare needs in Lake County and promote the power of collective giving. The embrace fellowship and strive to educate and inspire women. They provide regularly scheduled lunches and events that allow you to serve on a committee, learn about healthcare issues affecting women, and teach others about the philanthropic potential of women. 92% of men interviewed named their wives as the primary influencer for philanthropic giving (Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Study 2009). Therefore, our Ladies in Philanthropy program is an instrumental part to our fundraising goals.

Last fall, the LRMC Foundation launched a capital campaign to raise $5 million of the $10 million needed to add 24 rooms on the hospital’s first floor. Approximately $3 million of that has been quietly raised. “Whether someone gives a little or a lot, just the act of giving something provides enormous benefits not just to the quality of healthcare in our community, but to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the giver.” Ted prompts us to remember.