Meaning. Impact. Community.

September 10, 2014/in Community Impact /by Royce Gomez

If you want to be inspired, spend time with Ben Hoyer of Downtown Credo. His
cornerstones of meaning, impact, and community are what this column is about and what
has defined my life as an entrepreneur.

Ben’s Credo states “Life is worth living. I refuse to merely exist. I pursue a life of meaning
and purpose, fulfillment and joy. The world is not yet as it ought to be. Neither is my city.
Neither am I. Yet, I reject apathy and despair. I engage the world, my city, and myself to
make an impact for good. I am not alone. I press through narcissism, isolation and
self-sufficiency striving to live in authentic community.”

If this resonates with you like it did for me you might want to apply to pitch your social
entrepreneurial idea. (I will be submitting my idea. Will you join me?) Ben has worked
tirelessly to get some of the most successful entrepreneurs to invest their time, money, and
knowledge in supporting someone with an idea and courage to live with meaning and have
an impact in their community. I have made Orlando my community over the last couple of
years and am ready to live with meaning and impact while rejecting apathy. If you have an
idea, join me. If not, come and cheer on the contestants October 15th.