A Chat With Angela Klocke

Angela Klocke began motherhood at age 14 and today is a mother of three: ages 25, 21, and 19 with her second grandbaby on the way. 

She and her current husband of 18 years work as a team to raise her children from her previous marriage. 

Angela's past includes: physical, emotional, and mental abuse; sexual abuse and assault; several near-death experiences; domestic abuse; teen pregnancy and marriage; and a tragic end to her first marriage.

Angela presently works at a local pregnancy center, and has been a mentor there for several years, working specifically with young parents.

Angela considers herself a chaser of dreams, of light, of ideas. In her free time she enjoys photography, reading, traveling, discovering places I’ve never been, daydreaming, and making up funny things to share with people. She is currently writing her memoir and speaking on topics of abuse, healing, and choices.