A Chat With Toni Crabtree

Toni's diverse career includes 17 years in the financial industry, 9 years in public education and 7 years in health and wellness. The stress of her work with inner city students while caring for her mother through several life-threatening illnesses left Toni exhausted, obese, and on 9 medications every day. After successfully taking control of her health and getting off all those meds (with her doctor's approval), Toni realized her true mission. Her life-long interest in food, cooking and nutrition combined with her skills as an educator, mentor and business woman led to her to start her own coaching practice. Nothing makes Toni happier than providing the guidance, support and accountability necessary to help her clients reach their goals, and to live into the futures they've always dreamed of. 

Toni and her husband Rich are the owners of Crabtree Healthy Living. Toni is a frequent speaker on a variety of wellness topics.  She has served hundreds of clients from Canada to Mexico and coast to coast in online group coaching programs and in highly personalized one-on-one programs. She is one of the co-authors with Royce Gomez on the international best selling book, Discover Your Destiny, Live Your Dreams, Love Your Life.