Champion of Choices

I Believe….It’s a Choice

“There are people in this world who say – ‘someone should do something about that!’ I decided to take action and be that person who makes a difference,” Marc says.

Marc Mero has an incredible mission to empower people to make positive choices! Through the nonprofit organization he founded, Champion of Choices, his personal story of tragedy and triumph is impacting lives in Central Florida and worldwide.  A glimpse of Marc’s past will give you insights into why he’s so passionate about his mission.

Marc was raised in a poverty-stricken area of New York with a loving mother and father and several siblings. However, when Marc was eight his world was turned upside-down. He came home from school one day to find his father packing; his mom and dad decided to divorce.

Marc lost daily contact with his best friend, his dad. Marc found himself determined to focus on the goals he wrote down.  He wanted a better life.  Marc worked hard to achieve success in hockey, football, and boxing.  Marc was about to become a professional boxer but broke his nose and could not participate in contact sports for a year.

During that year, Marc had time on his hands. Too much time.  Drugs, alcohol, and parties became the norm for Marc. He worked construction during the day and partied at night.  One year turned to two, two turned into four, and before Marc knew it, life was passing him by.  The dreams he once pursued were now set aside – until one day he saw wrestling on TV and got an “ah ha” moment saying: “I can DO that!”

Wrestling is where Marc found his biggest success. Money, fame, travel, Rookie of the Year, THE LIFE!  Dreams were coming true for this young man.  Marc traveled the WCW and WWE Circuits, gaining the success he longed for.  He bought a Cadillac, speedboat, and a house for his mom (all goals he had written down as a child!). 

His sister Andrea was about to start her dream job and had a routine physical. The results found something unexpected – cancer.  Suddenly, Andrea was fighting for her life; Marc lost his sister at age 21.  The tragedies continued… While on Tour in Japan, Marc received a startling phone call: “Your Mother died!”  Two weeks later, Marc’s 21-year-old brother, Guy, died when he fell and hit his head.

Marc lost his sister, mother, and brother; and sadly, Marc’s father tragically died in his arms after years of cigarette smoking. Money, fame, and success couldn’t replace his family.  On top of this, Marc lost more than 30 friends – mostly due to drugs and negative lifestyle choices.  Marc knows his name could have been on the “Death List.”

“There are people in this world who say – ‘someone should do something about that!’ I decided to take action and be that person who makes a difference,” Marc says.  Marc discovered a new purpose and he lives each day to the fullest, sharing his message at schools, churches, and corporations.  

The “Champion of Choices” presentation brings to the theatrical stage Marc’s roller coaster journey of life, sharing snapshots of his family, his career, his successes, and his great losses – all with the goal of helping people make positive choices – find hope and purpose, to set goals, and achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.  Lives are definitely being saved and changed!

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