Variety During A Winter Storm

I said "Yes" to variety during a winter storm.

Colorado is infamous for its winter storms of Spring. This weekend blew in one of these storms. This weekend also happened to be the same weekend my friend needed an animal sitter while going to a funeral. 

So I said "yes". I found myself watching 3 horses, 2 goats, 4 cats, 2 dogs, and nearly 50 chickens. Now I'm no farm girl.....I've never handled goats, gathered eggs, or feed chickens. The sustained 60 mph winds and 30 degree weather blowing snow in may this job even more complicated. 

But, I had plenty of writing assignments to keep me busy while I spent the weekend on the farm. One writing assignment was unusual for me.

A lady and I were speaking during a networking event last week. During our conversation I learned she had a nonprofit with a mission that aligned with my passion. Her organization needs funds, and I have books that can provide those funds. She and I spoke about me selling my books to donate proceeds to her organization.

So I said "yes". I found myself writing this unusual assignment during this blustery, winter-y weekend.

An unusual weekend all around--donning overalls to feed chickens, then coming in to the warmth of the house to write a commercial for the sake of this organization.

Variety is the spice of life; if this is true, my weekend has been spicy. I am sure of one thing, because I say "yes" my life is full of variety. I am fortunate to live my passion every day.