Workshops and keynotes with Royce Gomez are designed to amplify your strengths and eliminate limiting beliefs that are holding you captive! Royce will help you transform your life through powerfully examining what you need to go from victim to victory, surviving to thriving. Providing you with the guidance and confidence you need to take personal responsibility in your life and encouraging you to accomplish your dreams; YOU will see the results you are working for in all areas of your life.

Royce believes YOU should live life powerfully, be unstoppable, and THRIVE! 

Her personal journey---going from a modest, single parent upbringing and overcoming roadblocks to achieve freedom from the past then losing everything twice--once to a failed business venture and once to a failed marriage of 23 years---allows her to share from personal experience how YOU can become unstoppable, powerful, and achieve anything you want.

You are about to begin an adventure that will give you an advantage in your personal and professional life. Royce’s adventures during “The Spontaneous Journey” will show how you can have fun along the way and discover possibilities you never dreamed possible.

Some of the results audiences have received from Royce's talks are:

* To view daily life as a possibility for more

* To revisit defining life moments and the lasting impact

* To go from a frustrated follower to a leveraged leader

* To discover hidden roadblocks that hinder results

* To examine your relationships and increase influence

* To take personal responsibility for your life


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