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Do You want to inspire, encourage, and uplift others who are in the midst of building their own empire?

Have you been thinking about sharing your story? Writing your first book? Encouraging others with the trials and triumphs? Going through your pain to find your purpose?

If you have been thinking about writing your story, join me.

This retreat is for you if...

  • You are writing your first book and don't know where to start.

  • You have an idea for you book, but you need help organizing your thoughts and clarifying the message.

  • You have an outline but would like feedback from an accomplished author and the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other fellow writers.

I know you might be thinking. Why take time away for a writers retreat? You think you'll get it done in the quiet solitude at home.....but the kids cry, the dogs bark, the spouse needs your help, the phone doesn't stop ringing...and Facebook steals your time. 

t's really hard to focus at home, around the distractions of daily life.  You may feel guilty for spending time on your own pursuits when so many things call for your attention and energy.  

This retreat removes you from that environment of distractions and self doubt and prepares you for success.

What you'll get out of it.

-Help in clarifying your story.  

-Inspiration and fellowship.

-Dedicated quiet time to write.

-Coaching and feedback to hone your message.

What would you need to get your story clarified and begin writing? A quiet space? Others who are writing their story? An inspiring locale with mountain views, plenty of fresh air and sunshine, hot springs and kayaking? Dedicated time to be held accountable? An inspiring place to focus?

It will be a combination of vacation, inspiration, connection, and writing, of course.

You now have it! But, the spots are limited! Six aspiring writers will craft their next book together. Will you choose to be one of the six? 


What holds you back?

Daily life creeps in, and time gets away from you.

The demands of family, work, and community take you away from your creative flow.

You feel a lack of clarity, and uncertainty as to where to begin.

I’ve been trying to write my book for over a year. Some days I get a few chapters in and feel incredibly accomplished. Other days, I get a few paragraphs in and can’t focus on my work with “life” surrounding me and killing my focus. There are weeks that I haven’t even attempted to write because the grind is so frustrating. I know I have a good story, but I’m afraid I will never finish. Is it even worth the effort?

Your story is valuable…….a gift to others.

Are you going to put off sharing it or get busy writing it?

Harness the power of collective energy, remove distractions of daily life, stay in a creative environment, and gain momentum in writing your story.

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Have you been wondering…

  • Should I self-publish, use a vanity publisher, or acquire a publishing contract?

  • How do I find resources to design the cover?

  • Where do testimonials come from?

  • What voice shall I write in?

  • How long should my book be?

  • How will I make money with my book?

All of this and more can be addressed by networking with writers and receiving guidance from a published author.

For 3 days you’ll receive daily guided discussion, opportunities for sharing and feedback, time to write….and time to explore the mountains and surrounding natural beauty of Pagosa Springs.

If you need clarity and inspiration to write your first book without the distractions of daily life, join me in one of our 3 upcoming writer's retreats...

Dates for 2019 are:

Oct 17-19

Nov 7-9

Nov 11-13

Each retreat includes accommodations (shared), meals, and interaction with a small group of other authors. Rate $897 (private room $200 upcharge).

Claim Your Spot

Contact Royce Gomez with subject line “Writer’s Retreat” to learn more and book your spot.


Royce Gomez

has self-published three books, collaborated on an anthology that became an international best seller in 3 countries within a week of launching the book, and co-authored several other books with high-performing leaders and entrepreneurs.

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